If you love great Art, you'll love Waterscapes!

Welcome to Waterscapes Gallery, established in the year 2000. We are the place to find original and refreshing artworks that all feature water, with new hand-picked editions from a range of modern pop-art geniuses. From powerful seascapes to tranquil lakes and beaches, from gently flowing rivers to busy harbours, you'll find a selection of carefully selected original paintings and limited or open edition prints that capture a variety of moods and styles.

On the Waterscapes front, our group of both established and new artists have great technical skill and an ability to really bring a subject to life. We ensure that their work is always presented at the highest possible quality, through ultra high resolution Giclee printing, with flawless mounting and framing if required. Many of the paintings and prints are exclusive to Waterscapes Gallery, giving you something that is as rare and away from the everyday as it is beautiful.

Along with seascapes, Modern Edition Paintings & Drawings hold a deep fascination for me & have done since my Curation training days. Fast forward 23 years and that passion has developed into a portfolio worth over $2 million Dollars. I've always bought, but never sold or brokered them until this point. I thought it was time to offer a selection of my hand picked pieces, along with highly trusted blue-chip VIP customers, who I have met over the intervening years. These people are of the highest honour & integrity, some I have known for over 20 years personally (from my University days). I'm very proud to present some of their collection, to complement my own. Along with my substantive skill base of Curating and Appraising Art, I'm also offering a binding and unconditional guarantee on all the Modern Art original paintings and drawings we sell. We hope that cements and augments our commitment to our Buyers peace of mind. 

Equally, we are a small & independently run gallery, who pride ourselves on personal service and exceptional quality, which a lot of Medium sized Galleries lack. New works are being added regularly, so be sure to visit this site frequently and to follow us our social media pages. If you have any specific questions about a particular work or artist, or additional services such as framing or international delivery, please ask!

Thank you for your time,

Marcus Willis (B.A (Hons) M.A (Hons))
C.E.O Waterscapes Gallery Ltd.