A Tom Wesselmann Tracing Paper Study January 19 2019

We have been keeping this back, but here finally is a Tom Wesselmann original pencil drawn Nude study sketch. Simply a breathtaking piece, that I'm sure our Pop Art collectors will be very happy about. Small, but perfectly formed. This is Wesselmann at the height of his Draughtsmanship. It has all the features of Classic Wesselmann, self-referential objects, flowers, furniture and a extended nude pose. The drawing is on Tracing Paper, so please note some of the shots are taken with backing paper (to make the drawing stand out) and other shots are taken as the Artwork appears. Hence the solid and semi-transaparent nature of the photography. A must see in person. The Artwork is referenced in the Wesselmann Studio archives. Anybody with a serious interest, is highly recommended to approach us soon, because original Wesselmann works also sell very quickly.